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Celebrating its 20th Year of Production. Designed and placed in production in 1986 By: TEX-NET, Tex-Fence continuously shows its true colors and reliability throughout the country. Intended as a low cost fencing system alternative to standard 4′ chain link.
TEX-FENCE proudly stole the spot light from other fence manufactures at the 2001 Olympic Games, The PGA Tour and the Woman’s National Softball Championships. Light weight, easy to handle and affordable, Tex-Fence has proven to be the #1 choice for temporary and permanent fencing systems.

Utility and Sport Fence Packages
Sports Fence packages can be used for Baseball & Softball Outfield Fences, Spectator and Crowd Control Events and many other applications. The fencing is installed on a “Smart Pole System “that allows for easy installation and removal when not being used. The packages come with ground sleeves and caps as well as the necessary tools for the installation. The ground sleeves are inserted 1” below ground level and can be left after each use by simply inserting a sleeve plug cover into the sleeve to keep dirt and other debris from filling up the opening. After removing the poles from the ground sleeves you can leave them attached to the fencing for storage and quick installation for your next event.

Our Fence Packages come in 50’, 100’, and 150’ lengths.

NOTE: To determine how much fencing you will need on Baseball and Softball field’s, simply measure the distance from home plate to dead center field then multiply that distance by 1.57. This will give you the Approximate amount of fencing needed to complete your field.