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Poly 2000

POLY 2000 Bordered to fit for quick installation, this net has a bursting strength of 450 lbs. The UV impregnated high tenacity polyester engineered fiber is manufactured exclusively for Tex-Net. With a twist in the yarns we have added tensile strength while maintaining a low coefficient of drag and minimal wind load. This ultimately translates to a stronger net without added support structure. With a 10 year warranty, Poly 2000 has proven it’s longevity as high 150′ above ground level.

TEX-NET can furnish complete packages including net, hardware and poles.

Bordering Components and Attachment Twine
3/8″ Diameter Braided Polypropylene Cover Over MFP Parallel Core 2400 lb. test is used for the Netting Perimeter, Horizontal Windlines and Vertical Riblines. Attachment Twine # 42 Diamond Braided Black Polyester 325 lb. Tensile Strength and 80 mm Zinc Snap Hooks are then used for attaching the netting to the Perimeter Rope, Vertical Rib Lines and Horizontal Wind Lines.

POLY 2000 Specification Information:
Product: 1″ Mesh Golf Range Netting
Fiber: Hi-Tenacity Polyester
Color: Black
Construction: Warp Knit “Knotless”
Break Strength: 150 lbs.
Burst Strength: 450 lbs.
UV Stabilizer: Impregnated Black Carbon
Average Field Life: 10 to 15 Years
Approx. Percent Solid: 12 %